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One of the great things about The Foundation is that we are learning the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with you. Sometimes it`s really not easy and we all feel like giving up, but Andy Drish believes that this is all part of the cycle of the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. By understanding this, we can change our mindsets, embrace it and make it work to our advantage.  

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Michael Margolis is one of the world`s best story tellers. His business, `Get Storied` helps businesses to use their unique and real stories to sell products and get investors. He has presented on Ted Talks and South by South West among others and is an expert at crafting stories, which is what engages people.

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Sandy Connery is the founder of Connectable, an app for use in Executive networking groups. Having joined The Foundation, she discovered the pain within her own Executive group and got started on working out how she was going to solve it. She`s broken some rules along the way but has always used what she learned in the Mindset modules to make the right decisions for her. Sandy now has three customers across five countries and is growing.

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Paul Ryan is one of the founders of Market Slide, a white label website traffic generation firm. Last December, Paul was still working his 9-5 job in corporate America. When he decided that he wanted more out of life, he went about looking for pains and solutions. Paul has now left his 9-5 job, working full time on his business and is loving life.

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Andy Drish spent 10 years of his life trying to figure out why he was put on this planet. After reading countless books, attending conferences and even spending 10 days with a shaman in Peru, he eventually began to get it. He came to the conclusion that we all have a unique genius, a reason for existence which is specific to each one of us, and by discovering what our unique genius is, we can lead a happy and fulfilled life in abundance and perfect alignment. 

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Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t get you? It’s probably down to different enneagram types. Ben Saltzman uses the findings of an enneagram assessment to help his clients to interact better with the people in their lives, and consequently propel them forward into business success. 

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To move from a wantrepreneur to an entrepreneur can be more difficult that it seems. It’s not just about having an idea for a business and implementing it, it’s a complete shift in mindset. Andy Drish and Dane Maxwell help their Foundation students achieve this and in today’s episode, they figure out 5 steps to make that shift.

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What changed to make Ryan Fletcher’s commissions go from $8K to over $182K in one year? He studied, and changed and pioneered his approach. Ryan knows everything that there is to know about using great copy as a marketing tool. According to Ryan it’s not about trying to sell something, it’s about changing ideologies.

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One of The Foundation’s teachers, Rob Scott managed to turn his life around by experiencing a ‘fundamental shift’. He not only helps The Foundation students in the identity shifting module – the part that helps them prepare mentally for entrepreneurship, but also through his day to day work as a life coach, helping people to see the world from different perspectives and re-write the story of their lives.

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Andy Drish’s life has changed beyond recognition over the last few years. He has gone from growing up in a small town in Iowa, through corporate America and then, with a little help from Tony Robbins and Dane, finally ended up starting up The Foundation. Andy believes that his life has changed radically because of his change of focus in his life and discovering that everyone has the potential to create whatever they want in life.

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