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Nathan Latka is probably one of the most intelligent people in the world. He is the founder of Heyo, a company who has developed software which helps people to get more fans on social media. Through study and analysis he has built his company to grow from strength to strength and uses his analytical, numbers brain to put the structure in his business and personal life which allows him the freedom to be happy and successful.

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Christian Vanek is the co-founder of Survey Gizmo, a company who creates and develops survey software. Christian went from being $120 million in debt at the age of 20 to build his successful multimillion dollar business though bootstrapping and staying completely customer focused. Christian has had to learn how to become an employer and leader, adapt and develop his product according to his customers and most of all, listen.

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Julie Arora doesn’t call herself a coach, but helps people re-frame their mindset to help people align themselves and ultimately gain success in both their business and personal lives. Andy has been working with her for over a year and she has helped him to completely change his life. He went to her with the quest of working less but getting higher results and has managed to use his alignment and flow to achieve this. Julie believes in following feelings, growing by subtracting and appreciating, and lives by her philosophy that strategy can only get you so far, and after that it’s alignment.

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Tai Lopez reads a book every day, is a member of MENSA, loves salsa dancing, has a 5000 book library and is responsible for 12 multimillion dollar companies. He lives next door to Cameron Diaz and Katy Perry, and he credits all of this through his study of life. Tai swears by the idea that the most important things in relating with other humans is to be interesting. Through his life studies he has applied the concepts he has learned to his business and this has resulted in his great success and ability to help others in their own successes.

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Joel Gurin is the author of the book and website Open Data Now, as well as being involved in gov.lab at New York University and He is an expert in the world of open data and how this can be used by entrepreneurs as well as already established companies to create, develop and grow. Open data – data which can be freely accessed by the public is becoming an important tool for entrepreneurs in creating new business opportunities.

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Peter Shallard is the shrink for entrepreneurs. He was our first ever interviewee and helps guide hundreds of entrepreneurs through the maze of business and personal challenges that they face. Having seen it all in the world of business start-ups, Peter is in a great position to offer advice for those beginning their entrepreneurial career as well as helping those with already established businesses, by filling their capabilities gaps, embracing failure and learning to minimize procrastination. 

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Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell are gurus in the world of psychology around entrepreneurship and leadership. Being entrepreneurs themselves and by using their in-depth knowledge of what is needed in the mindset of successful entrepreneurs, they are able to make a huge impact in helping in the prosperity of many businesses. Bryan and Jennifer offer invaluable advice on how to train minds to bring business success whether it is from the start, or an already established business.

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In the 50th episode of the Starting from Nothing podcast, Dane and Andy chat about what they have learned in terms of the mindset of being successful both in business and in personal lives. Through the many people they have met, helped and been helped by, they have been able to build up a clear and concise picture of the psychology of a successful entrepreneur and show how they have used this information as a tool to grow and develop The Foundation.

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Billy Murphy didn’t stay in his first ‘real’ job after college for very long. He left shortly after he joined to become a professional poker player. When the game stopped being fun, he quit and built a poker coaching business and this was when he really honed in on his risk calculation skills. Billy is now a serial investor in businesses and he has devised his own risk calculating strategy which guides him in investing and business start-ups.

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Ben Krueger is the founder of ‘Authority Engine’ – a company who helps small businesses conceptualize, create and maintain their own podcasts. After working in a small media company, he figured out what he really wanted out of life set about learning the skills he needed and quit his day job. Ben now runs his ‘Authority Engine’ company from wherever he wants to be in the world, and is trying to strategically grow his company while maintaining the high quality that he always offered.

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