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At the age of eighteen, Jules Schroeder ran her first six-figure business teaching other college students how to run their own businesses. Four years later, at age 22,  she co-founded a publishing company that made seven figures its first year in business, specializing in making books #1 Best Sellers on the Amazon Kindle platform. Today Jules runs CreateU, a one-year online education program that focuses on learning the specific skills you need to create the career & lifestyle you want.


In this episode, we talk to Jules briefly about her company CreateU, and some lessons she’s learned from her experience running three businesses. Then we go in depth to break down the three parts of becoming who you are. Jules shares her insights on relationships, creativity, and improving your skills.


In This Interview You’ll Learn:

2:08 - About CreateU.

10:21 - How to determine if you should go to college.

12:40 - Why you should get hands on experience and limit your consumption of how-to information.

15:33 - How to learn from failure, and what Jules learned from her failures.

20:00 - What success means to Jules.

22:43 - Part 1 of Becoming Who You Are: How to Maintain Close Relationships.

28:31 - Part 2 of Becoming Who You Are: How to Cultivate Your Own Creativity.

33:02 - Part 3 of Becoming Who You Are: What’s One Area of Your Life You’re Actively Improving?

37:09 - How to relax from your business without feeling guilt.


Show Notes:

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CreateU -

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