Starting from Nothing - The Foundation Podcast | Building your business ENTIRELY from scratch.

Mike Pisciotta is an online marketing strategist, funnel fanatic, and business coach, whose no nonsense, results-driven approach has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Mike is no stranger to failure and adversity. While spending 10 years in a Florida prison, Mike used his time there to transform his mind, and he emerged as a new man with a mission and purpose to empower others.

In today’s show, we’re going to talk about Mike’s transformation, and the tactics he used to crush it in business.


In This Interview You’ll Learn:

  • 2:05 - Mike’s prison story
  • 6:45 - How Mike met his wife, and how they started getting active in their business community
  • 8:58 - How Mike bootstrapped his business by selling trash
  • 11:40 - The importance of focusing on and mastering one social media tool at a time
  • 18:00 - Mike’s simple strategy he used to get leads
  • 27:30 - How Mike and his wife validate their business ideas for less than $100
  • 38:43 - Creating successful Facebook ads




Show Notes:

  • Mike’s Private FB Group - com
  • Mike’s Upcoming Book - com
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