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Jordan Gray has built an amazing business over the past two years coaching and consulting entrepreneurs in relationships. He's been one of the most consistent people who publishes steady content over and over and over. Not many people can create content like he does. In this interview we talk to about his creative process and the incredible momentum he’s had over the past two years.


In This Interview You’ll Learn:

1:43 - About Jordan

10:33 - The difference between Jordan’s online and offline income

14:48 - How Jordan went from fighting for coaching clients to getting millions of hits on his website

18:53 - How Jordan was able to stay persistent with his goals

24:20 - The balance between discipline & structure, and whimsical play

30:00 - How to use sexual energy to fuel your purpose, your business, etc.

38:02 - What Jordan would have improved if he could go back in time


Show Notes:

Jordan’s Consulting Website -



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