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Aaron Vidas is the founder and CEO of Strategy Box, a company that helps others companies find their most profitable customers and creates radically simple plans to help them grow.

In this interview, Aaron talks to us about the software he built to help B2B companies determine the ROI of their marketing. Aaron shares his journey from validating his idea to hiring someone else to execute on his minimum viable product. We learn the importance of evaluating the ROI of our marketing and how you can use Strategy Box's dashboard to see what’s working for you in your business.


In This Interview I Ask:

  • 2:55 - Recap for us, what did you find out your business was great at that you decided to focus on?
  • 10:23 - When you look at an opportunity, but [realize] I’m not the guy to go execute it, how did you start moving towards this process?
  • 13:42 - How do you view market/idea validation?
  • 17:07 - What did the build look like for the MVP (minimum viable product)?
  • 21:11 - What does the [StrategyBox] dashboard look like in terms of what data you’re showing?
  • 24:00 - How many different roles do you have in the software?
  • 26:30 - How does [AI and the algorithm] play a role in the Dashboard?
  • 29:14 - How is the proliferation of smart technology going to play into the evolution of the C-Suite in big companies?
  • 31:29 - Does [the StrategyBox] dashboard reduce the amount of overall tools [CMOs] need to use or just make better use of them because the data becomes easier to interpret?
  • 32:34 - Who is the ideal customer for [StrategyBox]]?
  • 35:22 - What are the most exciting things on the product roadmap that are coming down the line?


Minimum Viable Product

You need a condensed set of specifications of what your MVP needs to do. The functionalities don’t have to be your full vision. You just need to make sure it works solves a problem today. Also, make sure you can sell that version.


What is the ROI of Your Marketing?

You need to know the ROI of your marketing. You need to know what’s working and what’s not. You need to have a clear picture of every dollar and how much revenue you get back. The average CMO is using nine to twelve tools to figure out what’s going on in their marketing.


There is One Reason Someone is Buying

In any given B2B sale, there is literally one reason somebody is buying. It might they can get it faster. It might be the service is better, but there’s an itch that you’re scratching. That’s the 80% of the reason they’re buying. The other reasons are the 20%.


About StrategyBox

StrategyBox shows you what your company does this week in regards to what is driving revenue for you, and what is suck on revenue for you. That way you can evaluate what about your marketing and sales activities is working or not, and who is responsible for what within that.

StrategyBox’s intention is that if you are going to spend a dollar with them, they can provide you an insight or information that you can then go make an action and make eight to ten more dollars on.

StrategyBox’s ideal customers are B2B SaaS (software as a solution) and B2B professional services (ie: agency work, consulting) who spend a lot of money spend a lot of money on marketing and sales, but don’t necessarily know the performance of it. They can help you find leakage in your sales and marketing, even if you are getting leads. Customers who are not ideal are companies generating less than one million dollars in revenue.


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