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Sean Ogle is one of the world's leaders in location independent entrepreneurs, giving him the freedom to live his life travelling and experiencing what the world has to offer. He moved to Thailand in 2009 having quit his job in Oregon after a life changing experience at Rio's carnival, and hasn’t looked back. Sean has released a number of products which relate to his online skills, and his website, Location Rebel is designed to help other budding entrepreneurs fulfil their dreams, leave their 9-5 and have the freedom to live the life that they want.

In today’s show, Sean and Frank chat about how Sean made the leap of faith to quit his job and go out on his own, how he has created longevity in his business and what he has learned along the way.

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Vinay Patankar is a digital nomad who has carved out his career as an entrepreneur over the last five years. Having decided that he wanted to work while travelling, Vinay set up his first e-commerce business, which allowed him to see the world whilst maintaining a good income. After selling that business, he used what he learned and moved onto affiliate marketing, then an unsuccessful business (in terms of money, but rich in business lessons) and is now working on his current business – Process St.

In today’s show, Vinay chats to Frank about e-commerce, having an exit strategy and what he learned from having a failed a company.

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Serial entrepreneur and ex-hedge fund manager, Todd Tresidder, officially retired at 35 years old. Having learned the tricks of ho to invest money and grow businesses, Todd has managed to 'retire' and prioritise what is important to him in life. And surprise surprise, it isn’t all about the money. Like anyone who has a passion for something, Todd still works helping people to invest and grow their businesses.

In today’s show, Todd and Frank chat about how to make the most out of the money that you’re making, Todd’s 7 steps to 7 figures and knowing when it’s the right time to take action.

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When it comes to starting businesses, they don’t come much more experienced than Paul Singh. Having come from a small town himself, Paul has started hundreds of companies, moved to Silicon Valley – and out again, invested thousands of dollars and sees himself as a successful entrepreneur. But what he has realised is that if he stopped investing in companies, no-one would notice – his real calling is to help small town entrepreneurs across America.

Paul believes that now, more than ever, entrepreneurs can build successful businesses from anywhere in the world, and his focussing his efforts on helping people in America´s small towns start and grow their businesses without having to relocate. In today´s show, Andy chats to Paul about the advantages of living in the real world, the common traits of successful entrepreneurs and his up-coming tour of America´s small towns.

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Speaker, writer and thought leader in Internal Energetic Presence (IEP), Anese Cavnaugh is an old friend on Andy’s. Her work is based upon making sure that you are in the right place, mentally and with your energy at a maximum to give yourself success and fulfilment.

We all go through rough patches – Anese knows this just like the rest of us – and in today’s show, her and Andy chat about how you can turn the tough times into positive, the value of finding beauty in the burn and how to start to come out of a ditch if you are struggling with the challenges that life throws at you.

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Rob Scott, friend and teacher at The Foundation, helps students prepare psychologically for business success. Having had a difficult childhood, Rob managed to turn his life round, and transform the trauma that he suffered into a gift – one which many people will never receive. This has enabled him to start to understand the big questions in life which can help us to focus on what is really important – why are we here and what is our role?

In today´s show, Frank chats to Rob about his ´fundamental shift´, what being alive means, overcoming addiction and the power of meditation.

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Pat Flynn is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and presenter on his ´Smart Passive Income´ webcast. He has a number of successful businesses and bases everything that he does on the premise of helping people out – be it through his businesses, his podcast, blog or new book. Pat understands what it means to run a successful business – from ensuring that you have a market, to finding your place in the marketplace, to making sure that you are going to keep motivated.

In today´s show, Andy chats to Pat about how to make sure that your business aligns with your life, why you don’t need to be loved by the whole world, and taking the scientific approach to testing your business.

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John Lee Dumas first met Andy three years ago, when he was three months into his 7-day a week podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire. He has now just recorded his 1200th interview and seen the success of his business go from strength to strength. By talking to successful entrepreneurs every day, John has been able to understand more able what has made them so successful, and figured out that a lot of it is thanks to great goal setting. In his bid to help other people become successful entrepreneurs, John has just released his ´Freedom Journal´ - a guide to helping people achieve their 1 big goal in 100 days.

In today´s show, Andy chats to John about how to set goals which both stretch you and are achievable, why he has been so successful, the Freedom Journal and transitioning from success to significance.

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Julie Austin is an author, inventor, futurist, speaker, and internationally reknown thought leader on innovation. She is the inventor and CEO of Swiggies – a wrist worn water bottle product, of which she has sold almost a million all over the world. Julie believes that whilst it is impossible to look into the distant future, innovators and businesses need to be looking into the near future to keep on top of their game. The world will never be rid of problems and this is how she comes up with increasingly diverse and innovative ideas.

In today´s show, Frank chats to Julie about what it means to be a futurist and innovator, how she has taught herself about business through her own experiences – and is passing that knowledge on, and her new book – The Money Garden: How to Plant the Seeds for a Lifetime of Income.

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In this podcast episode, Andy will go through the “Vision Day” routine, which he considers to be one of the most important routines he does every year. This process improves the conventional “resolution” process to help you gain even more insight on your life and goals.

Unlike most webinars and content, this will be 20% content and 80% action. Andy will only be guiding you through a few exercises. The majority of your time will be spent crafting YOUR vision for the upcoming year.

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