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One of the great things about The Foundation is that we are learning the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with you. Sometimes it`s really not easy and we all feel like giving up, but Andy Drish believes that this is all part of the cycle of the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. By understanding this, we can change our mindsets, embrace it and make it work to our advantage.  

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Michael Margolis is one of the world`s best story tellers. His business, `Get Storied` helps businesses to use their unique and real stories to sell products and get investors. He has presented on Ted Talks and South by South West among others and is an expert at crafting stories, which is what engages people.

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Sandy Connery is the founder of Connectable, an app for use in Executive networking groups. Having joined The Foundation, she discovered the pain within her own Executive group and got started on working out how she was going to solve it. She`s broken some rules along the way but has always used what she learned in the Mindset modules to make the right decisions for her. Sandy now has three customers across five countries and is growing.

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Paul Ryan is one of the founders of Market Slide, a white label website traffic generation firm. Last December, Paul was still working his 9-5 job in corporate America. When he decided that he wanted more out of life, he went about looking for pains and solutions. Paul has now left his 9-5 job, working full time on his business and is loving life.

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Andy Drish spent 10 years of his life trying to figure out why he was put on this planet. After reading countless books, attending conferences and even spending 10 days with a shaman in Peru, he eventually began to get it. He came to the conclusion that we all have a unique genius, a reason for existence which is specific to each one of us, and by discovering what our unique genius is, we can lead a happy and fulfilled life in abundance and perfect alignment. 

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Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t get you? It’s probably down to different enneagram types. Ben Saltzman uses the findings of an enneagram assessment to help his clients to interact better with the people in their lives, and consequently propel them forward into business success. 

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To move from a wantrepreneur to an entrepreneur can be more difficult that it seems. It’s not just about having an idea for a business and implementing it, it’s a complete shift in mindset. Andy Drish and Dane Maxwell help their Foundation students achieve this and in today’s episode, they figure out 5 steps to make that shift.

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What changed to make Ryan Fletcher’s commissions go from $8K to over $182K in one year? He studied, and changed and pioneered his approach. Ryan knows everything that there is to know about using great copy as a marketing tool. According to Ryan it’s not about trying to sell something, it’s about changing ideologies.

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One of The Foundation’s teachers, Rob Scott managed to turn his life around by experiencing a ‘fundamental shift’. He not only helps The Foundation students in the identity shifting module – the part that helps them prepare mentally for entrepreneurship, but also through his day to day work as a life coach, helping people to see the world from different perspectives and re-write the story of their lives.

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Andy Drish’s life has changed beyond recognition over the last few years. He has gone from growing up in a small town in Iowa, through corporate America and then, with a little help from Tony Robbins and Dane, finally ended up starting up The Foundation. Andy believes that his life has changed radically because of his change of focus in his life and discovering that everyone has the potential to create whatever they want in life.

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Almost exactly a year after she went part-time, Cat Lavery’s life has changed beyond recognition. Since she joined The Foundation, she followed the process and embraced the concept of idea extraction, developed her product and accomplished $6500 of pre-sales. She has also made $25K through a Kickstart campaign, learned to understand copy and made some great friends along the way.

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Ari Weinzweig is the co-owner and founding partner of Zingerman’s – a deli company. Having started off in 1982 with a $20K bank loan, Ari has helped lead the company to be the $50 million company, with a staff of 675 that it is today. Having adopted an open book policy, concentrating on energy management and employee engagement, Zingerman’s has consistently grown and are used as a shining example of how empowering employees works to the benefit of everyone. 

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Chris Stevens was another one of the top Foundation students from last year. When he was feeling thoroughly disillusioned with his job as an IT Consultant, Chris attended a conference in an attempt to rejuvenate his work. The opposite happened and he was ready to give up, but when he joined The Foundation, Chris found his ‘why’ and learned how to focus on being happy and fulfilled through his work.

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Rich Armstrong is the President of the Great Game of Business and helps established businesses to grow by empowering their employees. Rich’s expertise come into play when businesses reach a state of ‘no man’s land’, where they have grown enough that they need to start relying on other people as an entrepreneur cannot get everything done. Through Rich’s help, businesses can expand organically, ensuring that employees are happy, involved and working towards a common cause.

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Katya Dominguez has been through The Foundation program and is just about to quit her job to work full time on her own business. Her career as a successful business analyst wasn’t giving her the fulfillment that she was looking for, so she decided to look for something that did. Having followed The Foundation framework, Katya has found her business growing steadily and is now looking at ways that her business can help her to give back and pay forward.

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David Hassell is the founder of 15Five – a company who has developed a SaaS product which helps communication within companies. He is a long term entrepreneur but only really began to feel fulfilled when he started using his skills to change people’s lives. David has concentrated on nurturing the right culture within the company which has resulted in 0 employees leaving involuntarily, and helped his company to grow from strength to strength. 

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John Logar is The Foundation’s Number 1 student from last year in terms of sales. He has smashed The Foundation records by selling $120K in his first 6 months and has done this by using idea extraction, listening to potential customers and then helping them to solve their problems. John has fully embraced the idea of pre-selling and is continually using this to grow his business, and his next goal is to rack up multiple pre-sales of 6 figures.

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After the success of the 50th episode, Dane and Andy get together again to discuss and debate the concept of alignment. They have both recently been looking into the deeper aspects of entrepreneurship and alignment is a topic that is close to both of their hearts. The idea is that being in a state of flow and alignment means that success and happiness naturally happen in all areas of our lives.

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Josh Pigford is the founder of Baremetrics, an analytic platform for Stripe, which he developed last October. He needed analysis software for his own businesses and when he couldn’t find anything which wasn’t extremely complex he decided to build his own. With a bit of help from Twitter, he got his first customer on the first day, and has since bootstrapped to see almost instant success.

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Anese Cavnaugh believes that they key to a successful business is all about relationships, and that starts with you. She works with everyone, from teachers, to parents to multimillion dollar businesses, helping them to become better leaders and communicators by thinking about the impact that they have on others. Whether it is about leadership, or being led, the energy that we put out has a massive impact on others, and by having control over this energy, we can have a massive impact on those around us.

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Nathan Latka is probably one of the most intelligent people in the world. He is the founder of Heyo, a company who has developed software which helps people to get more fans on social media. Through study and analysis he has built his company to grow from strength to strength and uses his analytical, numbers brain to put the structure in his business and personal life which allows him the freedom to be happy and successful.

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Christian Vanek is the co-founder of Survey Gizmo, a company who creates and develops survey software. Christian went from being $120 million in debt at the age of 20 to build his successful multimillion dollar business though bootstrapping and staying completely customer focused. Christian has had to learn how to become an employer and leader, adapt and develop his product according to his customers and most of all, listen.

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Julie Arora doesn’t call herself a coach, but helps people re-frame their mindset to help people align themselves and ultimately gain success in both their business and personal lives. Andy has been working with her for over a year and she has helped him to completely change his life. He went to her with the quest of working less but getting higher results and has managed to use his alignment and flow to achieve this. Julie believes in following feelings, growing by subtracting and appreciating, and lives by her philosophy that strategy can only get you so far, and after that it’s alignment.

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Tai Lopez reads a book every day, is a member of MENSA, loves salsa dancing, has a 5000 book library and is responsible for 12 multimillion dollar companies. He lives next door to Cameron Diaz and Katy Perry, and he credits all of this through his study of life. Tai swears by the idea that the most important things in relating with other humans is to be interesting. Through his life studies he has applied the concepts he has learned to his business and this has resulted in his great success and ability to help others in their own successes.

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Joel Gurin is the author of the book and website Open Data Now, as well as being involved in gov.lab at New York University and He is an expert in the world of open data and how this can be used by entrepreneurs as well as already established companies to create, develop and grow. Open data – data which can be freely accessed by the public is becoming an important tool for entrepreneurs in creating new business opportunities.

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Peter Shallard is the shrink for entrepreneurs. He was our first ever interviewee and helps guide hundreds of entrepreneurs through the maze of business and personal challenges that they face. Having seen it all in the world of business start-ups, Peter is in a great position to offer advice for those beginning their entrepreneurial career as well as helping those with already established businesses, by filling their capabilities gaps, embracing failure and learning to minimize procrastination. 

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Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell are gurus in the world of psychology around entrepreneurship and leadership. Being entrepreneurs themselves and by using their in-depth knowledge of what is needed in the mindset of successful entrepreneurs, they are able to make a huge impact in helping in the prosperity of many businesses. Bryan and Jennifer offer invaluable advice on how to train minds to bring business success whether it is from the start, or an already established business.

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In the 50th episode of the Starting from Nothing podcast, Dane and Andy chat about what they have learned in terms of the mindset of being successful both in business and in personal lives. Through the many people they have met, helped and been helped by, they have been able to build up a clear and concise picture of the psychology of a successful entrepreneur and show how they have used this information as a tool to grow and develop The Foundation.

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Billy Murphy didn’t stay in his first ‘real’ job after college for very long. He left shortly after he joined to become a professional poker player. When the game stopped being fun, he quit and built a poker coaching business and this was when he really honed in on his risk calculation skills. Billy is now a serial investor in businesses and he has devised his own risk calculating strategy which guides him in investing and business start-ups.

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Ben Krueger is the founder of ‘Authority Engine’ – a company who helps small businesses conceptualize, create and maintain their own podcasts. After working in a small media company, he figured out what he really wanted out of life set about learning the skills he needed and quit his day job. Ben now runs his ‘Authority Engine’ company from wherever he wants to be in the world, and is trying to strategically grow his company while maintaining the high quality that he always offered.

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Brandon Nolte has published over 50 books in the last year. Having decided that he wanted to take the leap into entrepreneurship he found his particular niche in looking for pain points in niche products. He went on to publish mainly audio and eBooks via Amazon to help people in their pain points and has now created systems and procedures to help him to build his business in creating content to help with niche products.

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Jaime Tardy is a self-confessed geek. She is a business coach and hosts her own “Eventual Millionaire” podcast. Having seen her business go from strength to strength she has released her own “Eventual Millionaire” book. Jaime spends her days talking to successful business millionaires, building beautiful relationships and helping others in the process.

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Dane and Andy have formed a great, successful partnership in their work and formation of The Foundation. Having both started out as budding entrepreneurs, they learnt some of the lessons of entrepreneurship which they now teach others through The Foundation. Having met through a mutual friend and mentor, they formed the perfect partnership, which has built The Foundation to what it is today and helps it go from strength to strength.

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Dan Norris is the co-founder of WP Curve, a 24 hour WordPress support company. He left his job in corporate Australia to start working freelance. After a series of failed business ideas, Dan dreamt up the idea of WP Curve and hasn’t looked back. He now runs a success business while supporting and spending time with his family.

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Chris Chidgey is the founder of, a mobile app company. He quit his corporate America job after ten years in the pursuit of becoming a location independent entrepreneur, and began his career designing and building mobile apps — without knowing anything about design or writing code! He now spends his life traveling the world and is about to launch his new app diagnostic software product.

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Roger Sholanki is the founder of Book4Time, a company which develops and supplies management software for spa, health and well-being companies. Roger has more than 20 years experience in developing niche software for the retail, health and well-being, and hospitality industries, and is an expert pitcher to big corporations. From starting up his own business in 1992, Roger has managed to maximize his potential and now, as well as running `Book4Time’, also advises other entrepreneurs starting out in the business world.

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Charlie Hoehn, author of “Play It Away — A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety” talks about a subject that most entrepreneurs never talk about — stress and anxiety. Having built up his career to be very successful in his field, Charlie was becoming increasingly sick. Suddenly one day the realization hit him that he had a problem with anxiety. His cure? To play, to enjoy life, and to spend time looking after himself. 

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