Starting from Nothing - The Foundation Podcast | Building your business ENTIRELY from scratch.

A lot has happened since that dinner table brainstorm on a napkin so many years ago. David is dedicated to growing his company,, the online marketplace for voice actors with more than 250,000 people using the site each month with clients like ABC, NBC, Sony, Microsoft and thousands of others.

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See how Steli moved to a new country, built a company and then pivoted it into software. In this interview, you'll hear from a very passionate entrepreneur about how he built his company, and what continues to drive him.

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From engineer to entrepreneurs, tune it to hear Nicholas Seet’s story of founding Auditude (sold to Adobe) and his perspective on the most important thing that’s happened to entrepreneurship since the internet. 

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Learn how Keren pivoted her life after she lost her job, then founded a non-profit that's been honored by CNN, The White House and the State of California. 

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Sheri Atwood, Founder and CEO of SupportPay, and #5 of 50 Women in Tech Dominating Silicon Valley, lets Dane dissect her business strategy.  

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Ryan struggled in business for years trying to figure out how to conquer his limiting beliefs and achieve personal freedom. After a few tweaks in his mindset, Ryan landed 5 pre-sales in 10 days. Can freeing yourself from limiting beliefs be the key to financial freedom?

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Stephen and Robert run a seven figure international business. Listen to hear about how they think about business, partnership, hacking learning and more.

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