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The key to success for a business is in the human relationships that we hold. It could be between founders and managers and staff, as well as in networking and securing work. Decker Cunov is a leader in the ever evolving world of ´circling´, continuing to uncover new ideas and concepts as well as teach those which have already been developed. It is something that Andy and Dane have been training for over a year, and now Decker uses circling, amongst his other skills to help Silicon Valley companies as a consultant to boost their success.

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Yanik Silver is a serial entrepreneur. Starting from his one-bedroom apartment and with just a few hundred dollars, Yanik has built multiple 7-figure businesses. Silver is the founder of Maverick Business Adventures, an invitation-only club for high net worth and adventurous entrepreneurs.

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Ace bought his first business when he was nineteen. It was an online stock market simulator called CoolWallStreet. After selling it and seeing the benefits in buying a business over starting one, he caught the business buying bug. Since then he has bought and sold over 50 businesses and has helped his clients all over the world buy over 100 businesses!

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Think you need to join The Foundation to succeed? You don’t, just follow what this guy did.

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After deciding he wanted to kick more people's asses for a good cause (like criminals because he's a cop). Dan decided to learn from one of the best MMA fighters in the world at the time. During that time he needed shirts. So he started TapouT.

Caldwell has been acting and producing movies, including the TapouT Reality Show and The Lionsgate Movie, Warrior and he also hosts TapouT Radio on SiriusXM.

He owns and operates several businesses, Caldwell and Taylor Realty, a Nutrition store, a private investment group and he has two new Startups and A Southern California resident, and proud father of 3, Caldwell now Speaks to thousands every year traveling around the World, inspiring others with his amazing story!

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What does the best email marketer have to share? Nothing about email marketing. Listen in to hear about bad ass business stories.

Daniel Faggella is a recognized email marketing expert, entrepreneur, and speaker. Starting his first business in his undergraduate years, Dan began with his second business while attending the University of Pennsylvania's prestigious Master of Applied Positive Psychology program. His expertise lies in targeted marketing strategies and exceptional attention to maximizing the ROI from email.

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Listen to best selling author John Warrilow share his findings
after researching over 6,000 businesses. He is also the author of "The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry" and "Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You".

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Ben Kovacs is the batman of the entrepreneurial world. During the day, he's one of the top salespeople at Twitter during the day. Would you like to know the mindset behind loving your job, building a non-profit, creating a new niche in the cannabis space and investing in companies? Listen in to get it all from Ben. 

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Gabriel Weinberg is a serial entrepreneur responsible for the creation of DuckDuckGo, a search engine that keeps users information private. In this episode, Gabriel breaks down the four essential steps to getting traction for your business. The information in this episode is highly actionable, and a great overview of what you're probably missing as you consider growing your business. 

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Need a serious dose of inspiration? Tune in to listen to a vulnerable hour with Dov and Dane. Dov is a bestselling author, with his latest title “Fiercely Loyal” on how high performing companies develop and retain top talent. Dov is a man who has been on a rare journey that has lead him to become a Full Monty Leader. You don’t want to miss this one.

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Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer are serial entrepreneurs with vision. We recorded this podcast just a few weeks before they launched their Best Self Journal on kickstarter with incredible results. They were fully funded in 28 hours and doubled their funding in four days with no end in site. Listen to hear the backstory of how this duo put this project together.

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Austin Felton is a technologist and an entrepreneur hell bent on helping people take their ideas and turn them into a reality using technology. Having never been employed, Austin started a six figure local IT business at age 18 in Dallas, TX and after two years in business he realized that this particular business didn't align with his life purpose. He then promptly sold his business, dropped out of college and moved to Austin, TX to start a web consulting company. After almost a year of consulting for online businesses and building web apps he saw that there was a need in the market for hosting made just for online businesses. Just recently he started Entrecore, a company that provides hosting and other awesome tools and content for entrepreneurs that already run or want to start an online business.

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Lee Cockerell's amazing life journey - hear how Lee overcame adversity early in life to become Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World resorts where he managed 40,000 Disney cast members.

Lee's experience has given him incredible insights into what makes success happen over the long term, and he shares some of his best lessons in this episode.

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Jia Jang is on a mission to end the fear of rejection. His findings show that people are much kinder than you think, and on his mission to get rejected, he ended up finding a deep acceptance.

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A lot has happened since that dinner table brainstorm on a napkin so many years ago. David is dedicated to growing his company,, the online marketplace for voice actors with more than 250,000 people using the site each month with clients like ABC, NBC, Sony, Microsoft and thousands of others.

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See how Steli moved to a new country, built a company and then pivoted it into software. In this interview, you'll hear from a very passionate entrepreneur about how he built his company, and what continues to drive him.

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From engineer to entrepreneurs, tune it to hear Nicholas Seet’s story of founding Auditude (sold to Adobe) and his perspective on the most important thing that’s happened to entrepreneurship since the internet. 

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Learn how Keren pivoted her life after she lost her job, then founded a non-profit that's been honored by CNN, The White House and the State of California. 

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Sheri Atwood, Founder and CEO of SupportPay, and #5 of 50 Women in Tech Dominating Silicon Valley, lets Dane dissect her business strategy.  

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Ryan struggled in business for years trying to figure out how to conquer his limiting beliefs and achieve personal freedom. After a few tweaks in his mindset, Ryan landed 5 pre-sales in 10 days. Can freeing yourself from limiting beliefs be the key to financial freedom?

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Stephen and Robert run a seven figure international business. Listen to hear about how they think about business, partnership, hacking learning and more.

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Introducing Frank Fridays, where you will have the chance to watch Frank rip apart and critique sales strategy of top entrepreneurs. 


Show Notes

Work with Frank

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Learn the Step-By-Step process that Frank used to sell more than $4 million dollars of software without feeling greedy, sleazy or needy.

Show Notes

Work with Frank

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Geoff Woods talks about his journey from The Foundation to launching a successful podcast that hit the top 20 list on iTunes Business list. Tune in to find out what minor shift got Geoff incredible results. 

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As a professional arbitragere, Jock knows how to buy and sell businesses. Watch to see into this fascinating world.

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Dave is a serial entrepreneur and now owns a successful SaaS business. But he got started selling info products to golfers. Tune in now.

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Peter has been rocking for the last 5+ years. Watch his episode now.

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Watch as Dane answers questions from students in The Foundation.

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The ebola virus helped Perry create his most powerful product. What? Yeah... I know... listen in to find out how. Perry is one of the highest paid marketing genius's of all time. This is an episode you'll want to listen to every word of.

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After graduating The Foundation... and breaking a record... and hitting $50,000 in sales in 2 months... here's how this lovely couple started from nothing.

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In this episode we are featuring 3 Foundation students and their questions on the SFN podcast. If you are looking to get started or hear what it's like to see how we teach and answer questions in The Foundation, now is a good chance to do that.

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Dmitry came from Russia, living in salvation army clothes, speaking terrible english, and made his way in America. Listen to this rags to freedom story.

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When I mention the word selling, what comes mind? After watching this interview, you'll see how to transform selling into the act of serving.

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In this episode, we spend 30 minutes going into scarcity vs abundance and work with Evan on a deep block around it. In this call Evan opens up to more abundance and we share his journey to getting 5 sales in 10 days.

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Jesse Elder is one of the happiest dudes I know. He has three secrets and a two step process for waking up happy every single day. Take the happiness pill and watch this interview.

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There's one thing I've discovered that has aided me in my pursuit of happiness. I'm going to talk with you today about that.

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Clay has taken leadpages from nothing to over 109 employees and 30,000 customers in 2 years. All while being cashflow positive. Learn how he did it.

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I've always been fascinated with Walt Disney and J.D.R. Both men changed the world we live in, in different ways. And both of them were worlds apart in how they lived and viewed the world. Listen in to find out their differences.

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Fabi has become the go-to tech wizard of her space in Paraguay, using her Foundation skills to launch communities of female entrepreneurs. Watch to see how being in a foreign country is an advantage.

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Would you like to know how to get a Mentor who's bad ass? Andrea is a seriel entrepreneur who makes millions. She was on the Apprentice with Donald Trump, and she has mentors from all around the world teaching her top secret strategies. Her mentors are so big they can't even be named. Wanna know how she got them? Listen now.

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Today I talked about one of my favorite men in history. John D Rockefeller. If you're interested in hearing about J.D.R's childhood and how he grew up, and how that shaped him into the man he is, listen in.

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Antonio is the first Foundation student in history to get paid to build his SaaS for a customer. In addition, he will be re-selling this product for $500 to $1000 a month per customer. Listen in to find out how he did it.

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Abundance is a fancy concept that people have no idea of. How does abundance actually, really work? And how can you consistently create it? Learn the 5 counter-intuitive steps to abundance.

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Amar was a past graduate of The Foundation who hustled while on his commute to work. He was building his business while sitting on the train. He has the heart of an entrepreneur. And now... he's free! Wahoo! Listen to the full interview here.

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Toronto is a great place to do idea extraction on restaurants. Learn how Steve found 5 to 6 pains, picked one, then dropped it. And what he's doing now.

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1,200 students have been through The Foundation. What separates the run-away successes from those who struggle? Confidence. Listen in to learn how you can get that same confidence immediately.

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Paul lost his father and brother in a traumatic car accident. He saw their mutilated bodies while looking over the car. In that moment, something happened. He had a transformation, and he's been different ever since. Listen on to see how he gained confidence.

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For James Clear, the key to success is by mastering your habits. This can be as little as changing something by 1%. He has successfully built up his blog and sells his products mainly through the popularity of his site and guest blogging. James has always be entrepreneurial and seeks to help other people through his unique ways of thinking.

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After struggling in the freight forwarders market, Mario did some soul searching, dug deep, and found his WHY. With his new why... he has found a powerful market, made deep relationships, and is building his new business. See how he did it all...

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Why aren't you an entrepreneur yet? Ah... the employee and the entrepreneur. What are the differences between how think? It is vast... and yet... how does this thinking impact people who are starting out? Listen on to find out.

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Mary Shenouda believes that the key to success is about being healthy and balanced both in the body and mind. She has helped hundreds of companies gain success through her sales and marketing skills, social media know-how and now through her coaching services. As a coach, Mary first focuses on physical and mental health,  before even beginning to embark on any coaching, a strategy that has proven to be extremely effective for her and her clients.

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How do you battle the demons who tell you that you're not good enough to succeed massively? What do you do if you feel fear, anxiety, stress, or anger when trying to start a business? How do you navigate the feeling of being paralyzed... not knowing where to start? This podcast episode has the answer.

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Jordan Greenhall is one of the founders of DivX, a company which allows high quality video compression and has changed the face of video online.  He uses his unique genius to give his outlook on life, business, luck and destruction in a way that most people would never have imagined. 

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17 Year Old becomes the youngest entrepreneur to join the Foundation. He paid for the program all by himself. He’s a stud. He gets 5 pre sales, and then has to refund them because the idea couldn’t be built. Instead of spending months or years to watch an idea fail, he tested and dropped it in 3 weeks.  Watch this video to learn why entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be risky.

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Dan Corkill was the first ever Foundation millionaire. He joined The Foundation with a business which hadn’t yet had a single customer, but came out of it with a new product and new niche and has successfully grown his business to earn over $100K/month. In today’s show Dane is joined by his neighbor, Meesha – a successful entrepreneur himself, to interview this inspiring man. 

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Chandler Bolt, an ex-Foundation student, has now written a number of books. He has always been entrepreneurial person, preferring to work for himself than others, but he hit the big time with $192K pre-sales as taught by The Foundation for his business, Student Painters. After writing a book about his experiences, Chandler realized the potential of self-publishing in gaining a passive income and set up his 3 month coaching course to help others benefit as well.


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Rohan Gilkesis a serial entrepreneur and has founded a number of companies. He has recently bought the subscription service business, ‘Wet shave club’ through Reddit and through re-branding , re-designing and re-launching, has taken it from $300 per month in revenue to $62K per month in profit in less than a year. Rohan saw the benefits that the business already had and knew that the model works.

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As we come into the new year, it`s time to think about what we want from both our personal and professional lives in 2015. For the last 5 years, Andy Drish has been creating his life plan based around themes, looking over the past and present to create a life plan which allows him to decide what he wants out of life, and getting him into a place of freedom. In today`s show, Andy shows us the process which he uses to create this plan, giving you all the information that you need to create your own plan.

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