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I have Ryan Moran on the podcast today because he has one of the coolest minds I have ever met in the entrepreneurial space. He is the Founder of Freedom Fast Lane, a business that inspires, educates, and empowers people to live extraordinary lives through the understanding that money and freedom are the result of who you become, rather than the other way around. Ryan is also the Founder of, which exists to dispel the theory that the government is the best solution to problems, and it instead strives to empower individuals to take personal responsibility for their actions.

“The more experienced I get in business the more I realize that the things that are hard to me are easy to someone else, and the things that are big to me are small to someone else. So we might as well just create whatever the heck we want in life, right?”


In This Interview I Ask:

  • 4:45 - How did you get into business? What has your path and trajectory been like?
  • 7:15  – What’s the difference [between an entrepreneur and knowing how to make money]?
  • 9:20 - Why did you stop going to school to be a pastor?
  • 12:40 - What happened on your first mushroom trip?
  • 15:40 - Tell me about the mentality you had behind hosting such an ambitious first Freedom Fast Lane live event?
  • 25:50 - What goals does Ryan have right now?
  • 28:55 - Talk to me about beginning phases. If you’re starting from scratch, where do you go?
  • 31:00 - Can you give me an example of a product you launched on Amazon?
  • 33:20 - How did you find customers?

Business and Money

“I really didn’t know how to be an entrepreneur. I just knew how to make money.”

There is a difference between being an entrepreneur and making money. Entrepreneurs build something bigger than themselves and solve real problems with real customers. You can work your way into a high-paying job and be successful, but you aren’t building anything that’s yours. Are you building a brand, or are you selling things?

For example, Ryan started selling yoga products on Amazon. He started with a yoga mat then he added blocks, towels and other yoga products. He made this decision because there was an audience that already existed, and he identified that audience as likely to be environmentally conscious. He carved a niche for the company as an environmentally-friendly yoga brand and created Facebook groups to target his audience.


Starting a Business From Scratch

“Who is the audience that you’re serving and how are you giving them a solution? If you can answer those two questions, everything else is super easy.”

If you have never started a business and you have a goal to make more money, Ryan believes that there are two parts of the equation that you need to figure out. Before you figure these two things out, everything else is a distraction.

  • The audience that you serve and the pain points that they have
  • The solution that you give your audience


Losing His Religion

Ryan was originally going to school to be a pastor. He was questioning his faith and running a business, so he ultimately graduated with a degree in business. Losing his faith made him angry for a while, but he found a place for faith and spirituality during his journey. Ryan is currently working on a documentary called Losing My Religion to tell the story of Ryan finding his truth. Spoiler: the opening scene features Ryan on his first mushroom trip.


The Freedom Fast Lane

“I believe the fastest path to financial freedom is to build a business and invest the profits.”

At the Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan teaches entrepreneurial individuals how to build businesses and re-invest the profits – and he practices what he preaches. Ryan doesn’t take a salary from Freedom Fast Lane, he makes his money from physical product businesses and consulting. You can do the 10 Day Challenge to start on a path towards making more money, enjoying more time off, and living a life you love.

Freedom Fast Lane Live 2016 will be in Austin, TX December 9th - 11th. They have an amazing lineup of speakers – Tom Bilyeu, Peter Diamandis, John Mackey, Cameron Herold and Alicia Silverstone – that were chosen because they are doing things the fastest and the biggest in the entrepreneurial space. If you go to Freedom Fast Lane Live 2016 because you listened to this podcast, email me at and I’ll send you my cell phone number. We will have a little get-together for The Foundation community.




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Jennifer Hudye is a relationship marketing expert and the founder of Conscious Copy. She helps coaches, authors, experts and influencers in the online space develop an authentic relationship with their prospects, so that they're not trying to sleep with their prospects on the first date.


“It's becoming an authentic influencer, building your tribe, while still making sales through email marketing.”


In This Interview I Ask:

  • 3:05  – From the time that you were born right through Conscious Copy, what was your story? How did you arrive at that?
  • 5:20 – You quadruple your investment in Princess Venture, Inc. (before turning 18). What then?
  • 6:15 – So how old are you right now?
  • 7:25 – Did you go the college route?
  • 7:35 – As somebody who was groomed, essentially, and influenced to be an entrepreneur from a very young age, why did you decide to go to college? Let's just say it in Tony Robbins terms, what was your outcome goal for going to college, even though you already had in your mind, and in reality, ways to generate money without doing that?
  • 8:10 –  With the knowledge that you have of being an actual entrepreneur, does college and a major in entrepreneurship prepare you for what you've been doing?
  • 10:15 – Give us a short description of what you do at Conscious Copy. What does that mean?
  • 11:10 – Tell me a little bit more about the target market that you're serving, beyond coaches, experts and influencers.
  • 13:10 – What I see that you've done here is you first went out and owned the top 1% of your market, and only after you owned the top 1% of your market did you create an offer for everyone else, and what I generally see is people go about that in the reverse way, where they try and create something very general that appeals to the masses and only after they've accumulated experience and testimonials do they then try and go after the top 1% of their market. Why did you go this way?
  • 16:10 – How did you become a master of copy?
  • 18:50 – Why did your business need to exist amidst all the other options that people have out there? Why was there a burning desire for this company, Conscious Copy, to exist that wasn't already being met in the market?
  • 21:45 – Can we dive a little bit into your system?
  • 24:50 – What’s step two?
  • 26:20 – In the ideal client snapshot, is this based purely on market research, or am I actually going out there speaking directly to clients, past clients, future clients and putting out quizzes, surveys? What does it actually look like? How involved is that?
  • 27:40 – Could you give us one or two more specific questions that people who are listening might go and ask when they're interviewing the target demographic?  
  • 29:45 – What’s step 3?
  • 31:50 – Once you go through this process with an influencer, is it a regular thing for you to discover that the compelling offer is wrong or to discover or uncover an entirely new compelling offer that that influencer could put out based on the ideal client snaps shots?
  • 36:10 – I'm curious if you can remember offhand another example of a ridiculously compelling offer that doesn't have a financial component to it?
  • 38:00  – What is something that people usually exclude or do not put into their compelling offer that makes it a not compelling offer? Like what what some of the missing ingredients?
  • 43:20 – What’s step four?
  • 47:10 – I want to understand know-like-trust. It’s something that I hear people say all the time, but what does it actually mean?
  • 54:20 – What’s step number five?
  • 55:50 – How do you diagnose the problem? How do you know what’s going wrong [with your marketing emails]?
  • 58:40 – Jennifer and I have cooked up something special. So how many people are we going to offer this to?
  • 1:00:45 – What's going to happen on the on this interaction, on the analysis?
  • 1:00:15 – Where should they go if they feel like they’re a perfect fit? To talk with you, to learn more about what we need them to do?

How To Get an Education In Entrepreneurship (Without Paying Tuition)

  1. Experience – Just go out there, test stuff and figure out what works and doesn’t work.
  2. Mentors – Get bad ass mentors and advisors who have gone where you want to go and can coach you along
  3. Conferences and Seminars – “Instead of going on Spring Break like everyone else, I would go to marketing conferences, and that's where I learned everything that I know now.”

Jennifer’s Five-Step Process for Authentic Copy

  1. The Influencer Profile – Identify who you are as a person and bring your whole self to the table using Aristotle’s three parts of persuasion, which Jennifer prefers to call the three parts of motivation. This will help you identify your positioning in the space.
    1. Ethos is your gut
    2. Pathos is your heart
    3. Logos is the logical side of things
    1. The demographics
    2. The psychographics
    3. Get in their mind, and go right to the source: “Really getting an entire snapshot of who it is that you want to serve, that you want to be a hero to, when building your loyal tribe”
  2. The Ideal Client Snapshot – Sometimes we get caught up in thinking that our ideal client is everyone, but “in any communication, any messaging, any emails that you write, you need to be talking to a specific person.”
    1. Jennifer helped one of her clients, a real-estate coach, set up a more effective offer to help sell a high-ticket coaching item. They rebranded his sales call as a Close Every Listing call. It’s not a sales call, it’s a destination call. Then, on top of that, if you know you will deliver value on that call, make it a no-brainer with an even greater incentive, such as refunding their time.
  3. The Compelling Offer – Make it a no-brainer for your ideal client.
    1. Consider your communication with your clients like a relationship. If you just exchanged numbers with someone (a cold lead), your relationship process will be different than if you meet and then spend a whole day with someone (a qualified lead).
    2. Always be leading your prospect through a story.
    3. Your goal is to get your client to know, like and trust you.
    4. Open interesting loops that lead the reader through a story, and makes them want to keep reading.
    5. “I hate when marketers try sneaky, bait-and-switch stuff. People love authenticity and transparency.”
  4. Copy Creation – Note that copy creation is the fourth step of the process for developing authentic copy. There is work and thought and research and interviewing that goes into everything that it's going to take for that copy to actually convert.
    1. “With marketing you need to make sure that you're always testing stuff out – so measuring open rates, click rates, engagement, sales, that stuff.”
  5. The Measurement Maximizer – If you aren’t measuring your metrics then you don’t know what is or isn’t working, and all of your work will be a waste.

A Special Offer From Jennifer & Starting From Nothing

Jennifer has a really awesome offer for the SFN audience. If you head over to you will be able to pick up The Perfect Welcome Email. “So exactly how to create a badass welcome email and just like deliver a load of awesome content.”

In addition, Jennifer has an incredible offer for the first 20 people who take advantage of it. If you are an expert in the online transformation space – such as coaching in business, health or relationships, basically anything where you’re transforming someone through your products / services – and you have an offer that has proven to convert, but you see that you’re missing something important, then Jennifer is offering a full analysis of your system. She is going to take you through and analyze that thing and make it better. If that's all you want then take it, run with it, go crush it. If you love it and you want to work with her, there is going to be the opportunity to do that.




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