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After struggling in the freight forwarders market, Mario did some soul searching, dug deep, and found his WHY. With his new why... he has found a powerful market, made deep relationships, and is building his new business. See how he did it all...

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Why aren't you an entrepreneur yet? Ah... the employee and the entrepreneur. What are the differences between how think? It is vast... and yet... how does this thinking impact people who are starting out? Listen on to find out.

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Mary Shenouda believes that the key to success is about being healthy and balanced both in the body and mind. She has helped hundreds of companies gain success through her sales and marketing skills, social media know-how and now through her coaching services. As a coach, Mary first focuses on physical and mental health,  before even beginning to embark on any coaching, a strategy that has proven to be extremely effective for her and her clients.

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How do you battle the demons who tell you that you're not good enough to succeed massively? What do you do if you feel fear, anxiety, stress, or anger when trying to start a business? How do you navigate the feeling of being paralyzed... not knowing where to start? This podcast episode has the answer.

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Jordan Greenhall is one of the founders of DivX, a company which allows high quality video compression and has changed the face of video online.  He uses his unique genius to give his outlook on life, business, luck and destruction in a way that most people would never have imagined. 

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17 Year Old becomes the youngest entrepreneur to join the Foundation. He paid for the program all by himself. He’s a stud. He gets 5 pre sales, and then has to refund them because the idea couldn’t be built. Instead of spending months or years to watch an idea fail, he tested and dropped it in 3 weeks.  Watch this video to learn why entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be risky.

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Dan Corkill was the first ever Foundation millionaire. He joined The Foundation with a business which hadn’t yet had a single customer, but came out of it with a new product and new niche and has successfully grown his business to earn over $100K/month. In today’s show Dane is joined by his neighbor, Meesha – a successful entrepreneur himself, to interview this inspiring man. 

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Chandler Bolt, an ex-Foundation student, has now written a number of books. He has always been entrepreneurial person, preferring to work for himself than others, but he hit the big time with $192K pre-sales as taught by The Foundation for his business, Student Painters. After writing a book about his experiences, Chandler realized the potential of self-publishing in gaining a passive income and set up his 3 month coaching course to help others benefit as well.


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