Starting from Nothing - The Foundation Podcast | Building your business ENTIRELY from scratch.

When I mention the word selling, what comes mind? After watching this interview, you'll see how to transform selling into the act of serving.

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In this episode, we spend 30 minutes going into scarcity vs abundance and work with Evan on a deep block around it. In this call Evan opens up to more abundance and we share his journey to getting 5 sales in 10 days.

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Jesse Elder is one of the happiest dudes I know. He has three secrets and a two step process for waking up happy every single day. Take the happiness pill and watch this interview.

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There's one thing I've discovered that has aided me in my pursuit of happiness. I'm going to talk with you today about that.

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Clay has taken leadpages from nothing to over 109 employees and 30,000 customers in 2 years. All while being cashflow positive. Learn how he did it.

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I've always been fascinated with Walt Disney and J.D.R. Both men changed the world we live in, in different ways. And both of them were worlds apart in how they lived and viewed the world. Listen in to find out their differences.

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