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Fabi has become the go-to tech wizard of her space in Paraguay, using her Foundation skills to launch communities of female entrepreneurs. Watch to see how being in a foreign country is an advantage.

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Would you like to know how to get a Mentor who's bad ass? Andrea is a seriel entrepreneur who makes millions. She was on the Apprentice with Donald Trump, and she has mentors from all around the world teaching her top secret strategies. Her mentors are so big they can't even be named. Wanna know how she got them? Listen now.

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Today I talked about one of my favorite men in history. John D Rockefeller. If you're interested in hearing about J.D.R's childhood and how he grew up, and how that shaped him into the man he is, listen in.

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Antonio is the first Foundation student in history to get paid to build his SaaS for a customer. In addition, he will be re-selling this product for $500 to $1000 a month per customer. Listen in to find out how he did it.

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Abundance is a fancy concept that people have no idea of. How does abundance actually, really work? And how can you consistently create it? Learn the 5 counter-intuitive steps to abundance.

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Amar was a past graduate of The Foundation who hustled while on his commute to work. He was building his business while sitting on the train. He has the heart of an entrepreneur. And now... he's free! Wahoo! Listen to the full interview here.

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Toronto is a great place to do idea extraction on restaurants. Learn how Steve found 5 to 6 pains, picked one, then dropped it. And what he's doing now.

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1,200 students have been through The Foundation. What separates the run-away successes from those who struggle? Confidence. Listen in to learn how you can get that same confidence immediately.

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Paul lost his father and brother in a traumatic car accident. He saw their mutilated bodies while looking over the car. In that moment, something happened. He had a transformation, and he's been different ever since. Listen on to see how he gained confidence.

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For James Clear, the key to success is by mastering your habits. This can be as little as changing something by 1%. He has successfully built up his blog and sells his products mainly through the popularity of his site and guest blogging. James has always be entrepreneurial and seeks to help other people through his unique ways of thinking.

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