Starting from Nothing - The Foundation Podcast | Building your business ENTIRELY from scratch.

Cliff and Jessica Larrew are partners in business and in life. Better known as The Selling Family, Cliff and Jessica teach others how to start selling on Amazon.


In This Interview You’ll Learn:

0:37 - About Cliff and Jessica

7:04 - The difference between retail arbitrage and Amazon FBA

9:00 - What you can expect when transitioning from a hobby to real business

14:21 - How to define roles in a husband/wife business partnership

16:33 - What mistakes to avoid when you first get started with Amazon

28:17 - How to keep up with Amazon’s constant changes

34:24 - The mistakes people make with retail arbitrage

39:11 - How Amazon is like modern day treasure hunting


Show Notes:

Their Website –

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Jordan Gray has built an amazing business over the past two years coaching and consulting entrepreneurs in relationships. He's been one of the most consistent people who publishes steady content over and over and over. Not many people can create content like he does. In this interview we talk to about his creative process and the incredible momentum he’s had over the past two years.


In This Interview You’ll Learn:

1:43 - About Jordan

10:33 - The difference between Jordan’s online and offline income

14:48 - How Jordan went from fighting for coaching clients to getting millions of hits on his website

18:53 - How Jordan was able to stay persistent with his goals

24:20 - The balance between discipline & structure, and whimsical play

30:00 - How to use sexual energy to fuel your purpose, your business, etc.

38:02 - What Jordan would have improved if he could go back in time


Show Notes:

Jordan’s Consulting Website -



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Tom and his brother run a development company called DomAndTom, which provides mobile apps and UX experiences for iOS, Android, and Web.


In This Interview You’ll Learn:

2:11 - What expertise you need in a particular area to start a company

8:22 - What to look for in an ideal client

22:05 - How to effectively communicate with clients

25:49 - How to think about company culture

34:53 - Biggest lesson learned


Show Notes:

Dom and Tom

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Jay Scott who is a personal trainer who battled food addiction, obesity, a binge eating disorder, and overcame it all. He’s helped hundreds of people do the same with his information training. Jay is the founder of iScienceFit personal training, and host of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast. He has written for sites like the Good Man Project and Mind Body Green, and he’s had over 30 TV appearances on ABC, NBC and CBS.


In This Interview You’ll Learn:

1:25 - About Jay’s upbringing

12:07 - How Jay started building his personal training business

25:30 - The biggest challenge in growing a business

27:00 - The process Jay puts in place to get better at networking on a regular basis

31:30 - How Jay positioned himself for 30+ tv appearances

34:10 - What Jay would do differently if he were to start over today


“The specific outcome of something is not that big of a deal. Action comes before anything. It comes before motivation, it comes before momentum. One thing leads to another.”






Show Notes:

iScienceFit -

Full Disclosure Fitness -

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Danielle Tate is the founder and CEO of MissNowMrs, a multi-million dollar online name change company. As a female founder in her 20s, she noticed that few businesses offered step-by-step advice to smart, but inexperienced entrepreneurial women. This void inspired Danielle to author Elegant Entrepreneur, the female’s founder’s guide to starting and growing your first company.


In This Interview You’ll Learn:

  • 1:35 - How Danielle went from aspiring cardiologist to launching her first company
  • 4:09 - Factors that played a role in Danielle’s leap into entrepreneurship
  • 7:54 - How Danielle found and hired her CTO
  • 10:45 - How Danielle acquired her first customer
  • 14:16 - One way Danielle felt she limited the company’s growth in its first few months of business
  • 15:37 - Danielle’s giveaway with David’s Bridal
  • 17:35 - What Danielle would go back and do differently
  • 18:48 - The importance of finding a mentor
  • 19:29 - About the Elegant Entrepreneur and the first few steps of what people should be thinking about when they’re starting a business
  • 21:29 - Questions to ask yourself when going through the innovation gauntlet
  • 32:30 - About owning your entrepreneur status


Show Notes:



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Mike Pisciotta is an online marketing strategist, funnel fanatic, and business coach, whose no nonsense, results-driven approach has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Mike is no stranger to failure and adversity. While spending 10 years in a Florida prison, Mike used his time there to transform his mind, and he emerged as a new man with a mission and purpose to empower others.

In today’s show, we’re going to talk about Mike’s transformation, and the tactics he used to crush it in business.


In This Interview You’ll Learn:

  • 2:05 - Mike’s prison story
  • 6:45 - How Mike met his wife, and how they started getting active in their business community
  • 8:58 - How Mike bootstrapped his business by selling trash
  • 11:40 - The importance of focusing on and mastering one social media tool at a time
  • 18:00 - Mike’s simple strategy he used to get leads
  • 27:30 - How Mike and his wife validate their business ideas for less than $100
  • 38:43 - Creating successful Facebook ads




Show Notes:

  • Mike’s Private FB Group - com
  • Mike’s Upcoming Book - com
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