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What changed to make Ryan Fletcher’s commissions go from $8K to over $182K in one year? He studied, and changed and pioneered his approach. Ryan knows everything that there is to know about using great copy as a marketing tool. According to Ryan it’s not about trying to sell something, it’s about changing ideologies.

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One of The Foundation’s teachers, Rob Scott managed to turn his life around by experiencing a ‘fundamental shift’. He not only helps The Foundation students in the identity shifting module – the part that helps them prepare mentally for entrepreneurship, but also through his day to day work as a life coach, helping people to see the world from different perspectives and re-write the story of their lives.

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Andy Drish’s life has changed beyond recognition over the last few years. He has gone from growing up in a small town in Iowa, through corporate America and then, with a little help from Tony Robbins and Dane, finally ended up starting up The Foundation. Andy believes that his life has changed radically because of his change of focus in his life and discovering that everyone has the potential to create whatever they want in life.

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Almost exactly a year after she went part-time, Cat Lavery’s life has changed beyond recognition. Since she joined The Foundation, she followed the process and embraced the concept of idea extraction, developed her product and accomplished $6500 of pre-sales. She has also made $25K through a Kickstart campaign, learned to understand copy and made some great friends along the way.

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