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David Hassell is the founder of 15Five – a company who has developed a SaaS product which helps communication within companies. He is a long term entrepreneur but only really began to feel fulfilled when he started using his skills to change people’s lives. David has concentrated on nurturing the right culture within the company which has resulted in 0 employees leaving involuntarily, and helped his company to grow from strength to strength. 

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John Logar is The Foundation’s Number 1 student from last year in terms of sales. He has smashed The Foundation records by selling $120K in his first 6 months and has done this by using idea extraction, listening to potential customers and then helping them to solve their problems. John has fully embraced the idea of pre-selling and is continually using this to grow his business, and his next goal is to rack up multiple pre-sales of 6 figures.

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After the success of the 50th episode, Dane and Andy get together again to discuss and debate the concept of alignment. They have both recently been looking into the deeper aspects of entrepreneurship and alignment is a topic that is close to both of their hearts. The idea is that being in a state of flow and alignment means that success and happiness naturally happen in all areas of our lives.

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