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Brandon Nolte has published over 50 books in the last year. Having decided that he wanted to take the leap into entrepreneurship he found his particular niche in looking for pain points in niche products. He went on to publish mainly audio and eBooks via Amazon to help people in their pain points and has now created systems and procedures to help him to build his business in creating content to help with niche products.

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Jaime Tardy is a self-confessed geek. She is a business coach and hosts her own “Eventual Millionaire” podcast. Having seen her business go from strength to strength she has released her own “Eventual Millionaire” book. Jaime spends her days talking to successful business millionaires, building beautiful relationships and helping others in the process.

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Dane and Andy have formed a great, successful partnership in their work and formation of The Foundation. Having both started out as budding entrepreneurs, they learnt some of the lessons of entrepreneurship which they now teach others through The Foundation. Having met through a mutual friend and mentor, they formed the perfect partnership, which has built The Foundation to what it is today and helps it go from strength to strength.

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Dan Norris is the co-founder of WP Curve, a 24 hour WordPress support company. He left his job in corporate Australia to start working freelance. After a series of failed business ideas, Dan dreamt up the idea of WP Curve and hasn’t looked back. He now runs a success business while supporting and spending time with his family.

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Chris Chidgey is the founder of, a mobile app company. He quit his corporate America job after ten years in the pursuit of becoming a location independent entrepreneur, and began his career designing and building mobile apps — without knowing anything about design or writing code! He now spends his life traveling the world and is about to launch his new app diagnostic software product.

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