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Today’s guest made $2M in profit last year without tracking any metrics.


Giacomo Peldi Guilizzoni is Founder and CEO of Balsamiq Studios, LLC. Their goal is to help people create software and websites that are easier to use by providing software tools, teaching people about UX and building a long-lasting company.

Balsamiq is unique because it has been bootstrapped for the past 8 years, and it was an almost instant success.

Within 27 months, Balsamiq made $2M in revenue and every year, for the past five years, Balsamiq has made $2M in profit.

Even with that success, Giacomo still isn’t finished implementing his original vision. He understands that software product development is a long, gradual process.

It’s a wild story about risk management, organic growth and saying no. I’m really excited to share it with all of you.


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